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Colorado Banned License Plates

Colorado banned license plates play an important role in driving and owning a vehicle. The legality and importance of banned license plates are undeniable facts in each state of the USA.

Especially in Colorado, when people apply to get a license plate, they must take into account the meaning of it. In this article, you will find information about Colorado banned license plates.

Colorado banned vanity plates

The Department of Revenue in Colorado forbids the usage of some types of license plates.

Besides, Colorado DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) supervises to judge any illegal or offensive combination of license plates people apply.

Common causes of Colorado banned vanity plates

There are some types of license plates and Colorado rejects some of them.

According to Colorado DMV, vanity license plates should be rejected in some cases:

  • If there is sexual, racial, ethnic, religious contextual discrimination in the license plate.
  • If the license plate contains offensive words or improper phrases.

Here are the types of vanity plates and words associated with them that Colorado DMV rejects.

  • Anything associated with “ASS” is banned.

Colorado DMV rejects different forms of spellings as “AZZKICR”, “ASHOLE”, and the word “arouse”.

  • “Bad” is a banned form in “BADDASS” and “BADBUTT”.

“BICHUN” or “BICHIN” will not be too, because they include “Bitch” form.

  • Generally, “get” or “got”are not proper for using, as well as “god” included in a certain vanity license plate.
  • The words “hell”, “hot” are not acceptable and so are “HELRZR”, “HELLYA”, “HEL2PAY” .
  • Various sexual phrases begin with the letter “I”. It makes “IBLOW”, “IGETOFF”, “IMEASY” and other vanity plates offensive.
  • In contrast to other letters, like “O”, “S”, the vanity plates that begin with “J”, “D”, are acceptable in some cases.
  • Forget using “kissing” and “kicking” as they don’t work in “KISSIT”, “KISSOF”, “KIXASS”, “ KICKGAS”, “KICKA55”.
  • The DMV rejects the vanity plates that contain the word “nude” (NAKED1).
  • You cannot use the word “quicky” regardless of even the spelling (quiky, quikee).

So, Colorado license plates are the essential property for the owner of the vehicle.

In addition, there are many examples of refused vanity license plates. This means that the applicant should be very attentive in order not to be punished by the law.

Custom plates in Colorado

Colorado DMV and DR supervise supplying and distributing customized vanity plates.

The fee for a customized vanity plate varies from $60 to $85. You have to pay $58 (or $83) after affirmation and $2 when the registration is complete.

After license plate choice, you need to receive a billing notice in order to pay the needed fee.

The fee is needed before preparing the license plate.

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