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Sample Colorado Marriage License

Colorado Marriage License

It is no surprise that the wedding day is something special for people. There are so many things to do, from decorating to invitation cards. People seem to think about nothing, but making their day the most beautiful and unforgettable.

What do you need to get a marriage license in Colorado?

The good news is that nearly anyone can get married in Colorado, but for getting the license they must be Colorado residents. But, unlike many other states Colorado doesn’t forbid marriages between non-US habitants and people with the same sex. Proxy marriages are also common in Colorado.

Although all this is considered normal, there are some limitations. Those are usually connected with the age and relationship status. Now you’ll learn about everything in detail.

The Requirements

Let’s start with the age: to take this responsible step you must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, you’ll need your parents’, guardian’s or judge’s legal permission in case you are 16 or 17 years old. But, if you are 15 or younger, you must have Court Order plus to the legal consent.

Applicants should apply for the Colorado marriage license in person. They can go either to the local Colorado County Clerk or the nearest Recorder Office. There they must present the following documents: Driver’s licenses, Birth Certificates, Military Identification cards, ID’s proof, acceptable ID, Alien Registration Card, Certificate of Naturalization, State issued Driver’s License and ID, VISA cards and of course passports.

It is essential that all these papers contain the date of birth. That is for assuring the person has the appropriate age to enter into matrimony. The language also plays a vital role, if the papers are not in English, Applicants should do a certificated translation.

In case one of the partners is absent, the other should apply for the license instead of two. The applicant should bring some documents to get the license. There must be the application that the absentee has already filled, signed and notarized and the absent partner’s ID copy.

The Limitations

There can be some circumstances which will not allow people to get married and get the Colorado marriage license. Those are various and have reasonable causes.

First of all, if one of the partners is already in a marriage with another person, the Clerk will prohibit the union. Moreover, if there is any relationship bond between the applicants, including being a family member, ancestor or offspring, they definitely won’t get the license and get married.

It sometimes happens you get the marriage license in another state and want to use it in Colorado. In these cases it is important to know that not all states can be in the list. To avoid any misunderstandings, you had better go to the local government office and ask whether it is possible or not.

In case they refuse doing it come and get your marriage license in Colorado. People are free to get their licenses from any region, as long as it is within the state of Colorado.

Other Details

If you want to make the biggest day of your life together and without any relatives or friends you can definitely make it in this state. Colorado is one of the few states that doesn’t require any witnesses to be present during the wedding ceremony.

Another advantage is that the state law doesn’t make people do any tests before getting married: For instance the blood test which is a must to do before marriage in many states.

And finally what refers to name changing, it is not a must as well. If you happen to receive your license with a new surname written on it, it doesn’t mean you can’t do any change. You can even make the changes online, without visiting the office.

Can you get your license and get married the same day in Colorado?

Luckily, partners don’t have to wait for days or weeks to get married in Colorado. The state doesn’t require any waiting period for getting the marriage license. But you need to remember that the license is valid for 35 days since the day you obtain it.

In other words, you need to use the marriage license just the same day you take it. Most importantly, get the license signed during those 35 days and file it within two months. These are the expiration dates for your marriage license according to Colorado state law.

Can you get an online marriage license in Colorado?

In fact, when you apply for Colorado marriage license in person, the process occurs faster. And nowadays, when people seem to hurry all the time, it is more convenient for them to reach the Clerk’s office and return home after about thirty minutes with their licenses.

However, in sake of people’s safety and health, it has become more preferable to fill the application online. It may take a bit more time than going to the nearest Clerk office, but safety is always at most importance.

In order to make it a bit faster you can make an appointment beforehand. Clerk offices give their applicants the opportunity to book an appointment online through their websites. You can also send your requests for online marriage confirmation to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Where do you get a marriage license in Colorado?

As in any other states there are special offices and buildings which accept couples and give them the licenses and important papers to get married. Each state can have plenty of such offices. Colorado is not an exception as well.

Most of all, to obtain their licenses, people visit the Clerk and Recorder’s Main Office open from Monday to Friday with working hours of eight a.m. to half past four p.m. The second mostly visited office is the North Office where people can go on Saturdays, if they don’t manage it on weekdays.

How much is the fee for a marriage license in Colorado?

According to the state law, you can get your license from any office no matter in which county it is located. There are many people who think that the fees can vary from region to region. But you can relax, as the state doesn’t make any changes in how much you must pay.

The state gives a fixed price which is $30, and you can as well check it with the Clerk and Recorder’s office to make sure. They will also tell you in what way you can pay the fee. Some counties accept the money either in cash or paid with debit and credit cards, without any checks; others accept only in cash.

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